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Harry Traynham Music

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Harry's bio

...the early years

In 1964, Harry Traynham was 14 and living in Bedford, PA., a kid who liked to sing but hadn’t really found an outlet for his interest.

The Beatles and other groups like them soon came along and changed everything for all of us, but especially for Harry and a few other soon to be musicians in the small rural area in Pennsylvania.

Within a few months, Harry was playing guitar with Johnny and the Contenders. They played the AM radio rock hits of the mid-‘60s at sock hops and high school dances and wherever else they could find jobs.  Too young to play clubs they would lie about their ages and eventually make their way into the club scene. 

...the break

For a brief time, music took, a back seat, first to the military (he spent three years in the Marine Corp beginning in 1968) and then in 1971 Harry entered Allegeny College and then Frosburg State and studied psychology and partying for a few years.  He performed in various clubs in Western Maryland 5 nights a week while in college.


...the next chapter

After College Harry and his family moved to the DC area where he quickly became established as a hard-working artist in dozens of regional venues, many that have continued till today, to provide him with the outlet that he needs.  He has a  wide range of fans both in age and tastes of music driven by his variety of styles and personal selection of music.

A particularly strong period for Harry was when he established Harry Traynham & Pylot in 1980. This band was five members all multi-talented and eager to play together. A  freelance, versatile, and fun band that could play any kind of show.  This helped spread his fan base tremendously throughout the region since his shows were seen by people all over the east coast.  Harry’s band Pylot lasted till mid 1986.

...longevity and lots of gigs

Over the years , Harry’s primary work has been in nightclubs throughout the DC Tri-state area and well beyond. He has performed for numerous concert/festival venues on the east coast opening shows for notable performers like The Little River Band, Allman Brothers, Dickey Betts and Great Southern, John Prine, Roy Buchanan and many others.  He has averaged over 200 shows a year since 1971. 

...and now

Harry performs mainly solo gigs and private events, but will bring together old friends and band members for larger gigs and special occasions.

His daughter, Lena Traynham, 2 time American Idol® Contestant, joins him on the stage from time to time. It's a rare treat to see pure love and pure talent when the two of them are together.

Four decades later, the sock hops are a distant memory, but he is still playing guitar, and still cranking out music that has never left his soul for a moment and continues to grow with each passing day.


Harry and his wife, Ann, currently enjoy life on Kent Island (on Maryland’s Eastern Shore) It’s a slower pace there—a lot like where his music career started.

He is happy with his life. He has a son, Todd, two beautiful daughters, Hanna and Lena, and his step son, Austin.

He gets to pamper his inborn passions for outdoor things (Flying, Fishing, golfing, windsurfing and more) anytime he wants.  His family is nearby and he makes a living doing what he has loved to do since he was a kid.  They say life isn’t perfect, but contentment sure is nice!

Harry's music/Song list

Harry songlist (pdf)


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